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Planning Board Meeting Agenda - May 4, 2017 7pm



**Limited to Village of Kinderhook Residents and Businesses ONLY**

This year, trash will be picked up in front of your Village of Kinderhook homes by County Waste on


Please do not put items out more than 48 hours before the Saturday pick-up. Collection will begin at 7 a.m. so please make sure your items are out prior so that you will not be missed! Regular household garbage will be picked up as normal in the Village on Thursday May 04 and Thursday May 11.



Did you know? A $250.00 fine may be imposed to anyone not cleaning up after their dog.

You Can Help Us Keep Our Village Beautiful!

Please be responsible with your dogs and clean up after your PET throughout the village.


Keep the village’s public and private landscaped spaces alive and beautiful by curbing your dog!


We are requesting that dog owners steer their pets away from the garden beds and the newly planted trees and shrubs.

Mutt Mitts are available in boxes located in front of the Village parking lot and the James Vanderpoel House for your convenience.


Concerns should be addressed to the Dog Control officer at 275-9983.

Thank you!



Snow Removal
All properties adjoining a sidewalk are required by Village Law to remove snow and ice 24 hours after snow has ended. If the snow and/or ice is not removed, the Village may remove it charging the property owner the cost for removal, plus a $15.00 processing fee. Clearing of sidewalks is $.50 per foot with a minimum of $27.00 and a maximum of $82.00 per property. Salting and/or sanding of sidewalks is $.20 per foot with a $20.00 minimum and a $50.00 maximum per property. Please make every effort to clear your sidewalks of snow and ice.


As a result of our ongoing audit of garbage placed at curbside for pickup, we wanted to remind  residents that all bags of garbage must have a sticker in order for pick up and they must not weigh more than 35 pounds. Stickers can be purchased at the Village Hall or at Kinderhook Stewart’s.