Village of Kinderhook

Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee provides guidance to the Mayor and the Board of Trustees on issues pertaining to business development, economic growth and business vitality in the Village.

EDC members include: Renee Shurr, Karen Sheffer, and Rima Bostick.

The EDC and the Village of Kinderhook value your opinions. We are asking all of our Village residents and Village businesses to complete the following survey and return it back to the Village Hall. Thank you for your time, consideration and cooperation.

Business Survey(PDF)         Residents Survey(PDF)

Harnessing volunteerism to improve quality of life in Kinderhook Village and keep taxes down

In these times of strained public resources, and declining tax bases, to avoid future tax increases and help to reduce current fiscal demands while improving quality of life in Kinderhook, the Economic Development Committee (EDC) will collect information from Kinderhook Village residents regarding skills and resources they may have that they might be willing to share with the Village on a voluntary and/or reduced cost basis. These skills may be landscaping, carpentry, computer, advertising, business promotion, knowledge about and access to grants and grant writing.

The Village Board and the EDC is hopeful that with a master list of these kinds of skills and services, as needed projects are identified, the Board and its committees will be able to review this master list and seek the involvement of residents with identified skills/resources and thus keep taxes down, sustain programs that affect the quality of life in the Village and enhance vitality and the sense of family/community that makes the Village an attractive community for residents and businesses.

Please contact Rima Bostick with information about your skills, suggestions and comments. (PO Box 487, Kinderhook, NY 12106; Rima is coordinating this effort for the EDC and the Board.

In addition to save money and enhance communication, we would ask that all Kinderhook village residents with e-mail addresses to sign up on the new Village website, When you sign up on the website, you will receive Village news announcements. All such information will be used for Village purposes only and not shared with businesses or organizations.

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