Village of Kinderhook


In June 2016 the Village of Kinderhook approved a resolution to adopt the
New York State Climate Smart Community Pledge. The 10 elements of the
Pledge commit the village to an evolving process of climate action in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate.

What is the Kinderhook Climate Smart Task Force?
The Task Force consists of a small group of community volunteers invited by the village to consider various climate smart initiatives which might be
suitable for Kinderhook. The Task Force exists solely as an advisory and
informational committee.


What is the mission of the Climate Smart Task Force?
• To listen, research and set goals for climate initiatives
• To inform and advise village officials and the public
• To assist with climate smart innovation projects

How can Climate Smart initiatives assist Kinderhook?
Climate Smart Communities earn points toward certification by documentingthe completion of specific climate protection actions. These actions (over 100 specific activities in ten general "high -impact" categories) qualify a community for recognition/certification. Once certified, Kinderhook could be eligible for funding via the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Along the way toward certification funding may be awarded for on-going Climate Smart initiatives. For example, the village may be eligible for almost full funding of the installation of a solar powered automobile charging station in the very near future. Also, many of these high impact activities, such as the adoption of a community green power purchase policy, could result in energy cost savings for village residents.


Is the Climate Smart Task Force up and running?
Between June and December 2016 the Task Force held 5 meetings. Numerous potential community initiatives have been discussed ranging from investigating and benchmarking current energy practices to potentially feasible climate smart projects.

There have been specific discussions regarding:

• The passage of a unified solar permitting process
• A food-waste recycling program
• Training compliance officials in energy code best practices
• The feasibility and potential savings involved in a green power purchase
policy for the village


The Task Force will be establishing priorities for climate smart initiatives in
the near future.


The Task Force currently consists of five community volunteers:
Warren Applegate, Kim Gray, Brian Murphy, Aileen Leventon, Bill Mancini


Mayor James Dunham is an active participant at all meetings. A senior planner from the Capital District Regional Planning Commission also attends many meetings offering valuable suggestions and assistance.

Meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM, in the Village Hall. To offer suggestions or to volunteer to be added to the Task Force, attend a meeting or call Bill Mancini at 758-9584 or Mayor Dunham, at 758-9882.


Meetings Are Open to the Public.


To offer suggestions or to volunteer to be added to the Task Force, call Bill Mancini at 758-9594 or Mayor Dunham at 758-9882.

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